As some of you will be aware Armasight by Flir decided to discontinue the Drone Pro and also a lot of other models in the Armasight range, the last order date was February 1st 2018, we managed to secure a few orders for customers with the original Amoled screen and also a few with the new Flcos screen, having looked through both there is not a great difference, but this choice is yours, if used with a good IR torch then your be good for shooting at distance and safety see your target and backstop.

If you are going to video your shots then this will be the same quality on both units.

Although Flir have discontinued these they will still cover the 2 year guarantee and if out of guarantee we will try to help out with the units being sent to either Europe or USA for repair if needed, you can send your units to us and we will sort out the legal paperwork to go with the unit when being sent abroad.